Why Not Use the Quran for Muslim Evangelism?

Some Christians adamantly oppose using the Quran for Muslim Evangelism. Still others ask, “Why no longer use the Quran?” There are valid objections to the usage of it, just as there are legitimate motives for the usage of it as a witnessing tool. There are numerous reasons human beings don’t use the Quran for pemakaman muslim  evangelism, however the cause of this text is to briefly speak the pinnacle 3 reasons.

Firstly, many who forbid the usage of the Quran as a device for Muslim evangelism cite that doing so may also back-hearth and reason Muslims to dig in deeper and take a look at their personal holy e book. This argument states that after Muslims encounter a foreigner, or what of their eyes is an infidel, quoting the Quran and informed of its contents they will grow to be embarrassed. I even have witnessed this in Arab Muslims. Actually, the hassle comes whilst one of God’s employees is extra knowledgeable of the Muslim holy e book than the Muslims he is speakme with. I’ve had the respect of discussing Jesus Christ’s precise location in the Quran with Muslim Imams (preachers) and that they’ve been very cozy. On the alternative hand, many that are much less versed within the Quran have from time to time been embarrassed. The hassle is that this embarrassment may additionally lead a few to revert lower back to the Quran rather than following its promptings to read and observe the teachings of the Bible.

As I’ve stated normally earlier than, there’s no magic bullet in Muslim evangelism. There’s no ideal method that works on every occasion for every person. This first capacity trouble with using the Quran is a valid one.

Another foremost objection to using the Quran as a tool in Muslim evangelism is that the usage of or quoting part of it as authoritative might also mean to Muslims which you take delivery of its authority as a whole. Again, that is a very legitimate argument. After all, why need to anyone be allowed to pick and select the verses that healthy one’s functions and bargain the authority of the complete ebook? As one who constantly refers back to the Quran in Muslim evangelism, I have heard this query from the lips of Muslims oftentimes. As I’ve grown more adept at the use of the Quran to steer guys to Christ and the Bible, I’ve discovered the way to cope with this question head on. My response is continually respectful and tempered with humility. Interestingly enough, the answer is found within the Quran itself. Simply placed, I tell Muslims that I’ve study the Quran in English and I’m usually analyzing it in Arabic, its authentic language. What I’ve found to date is that I don’t accept as true with it totally. I can simply say that my direct, honest approach to my perspectives of the Quran have no longer negatively impacted my efforts at Muslim evangelism. My use of the Quran, however, has greater my results. This is my revel in, not all and sundry’s.

Lastly, a few take issue with the use of the Quran in Muslim evangelism due to the fact they experience we don’t want to use it for the reason that we’ve got the Bible. ‘Why use a flicker of mild when you’re retaining a brand new flash light inside the other hand?’ is going the argument. Again, this reasoning has a few benefit. I think that in a super global, Muslims would truely accept the Bible as God’s unadulterated word and gladly receive it. I’ve found that this isn’t the case… Ever. Most Muslims reject the present day Bible and constantly seek advice from the corruption of the Bible. I’ve even met men who were afraid to handle it or maybe obtain it for worry of what their respective families could say or do to them if they possessed such an evil e-book. Muslim opposition to the Bible is fixable, however it’s far sturdy, nevertheless. This is why I confer with the Quran, something they understand and agree with. The Quran says many times that men should know and trust in “the previous books”.

As we might all agree, Muslim evangelism isn’t any easy task. Many include using the Quran because it facilitates their efforts to introduce Christ to Muslims. Still, others pick not to apply it as it hinders their efforts to introduce Christ to Muslims. Notice, the intention of Muslim evangelism is the same for those on both aspects of the argument. Understanding the professionals and cons of every technique is a big part of operating collectively in His fields.

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