Selling Your Car at Auction – A Beginners Guide

With many people suffering to make ends meet and TV advertisements with catchy jingles tempting you to promote your automobile for brief cash, it can appear attractive. Your car (subsequent to your house) is probably your most expensive piece of fairness and with this in mind, it can be tempting to sell it, buy a cheaper make or version and pocket the distinction.

Car auctions, whether they be bodily or online, can be an excellent manner of promoting your car can be find at, secure within the information that an experienced auctioneer has yours, and the public sale house’s, high-quality hobby at heart. You might imagine that these items do no longer continually necessarily cross hand in hand however endure in thoughts that the public sale residence will take a percentage of the acquisition price (shoppers charge) as fee so it’s far in their hobby to get you as a good deal cash as viable!

So, permit’s begin with the fundamentals:

What is a automobile auction?

Car auctions have a protracted history inside the automotive industry with many distinctive sorts of enterprise the use of them to either promote excess stock or purchase new inventory for resale.

They are extraordinarily famous inside the USA and Japan and are gaining popularity in the UK where they’re no longer visible as dirty locations. This is particularly thanks to the industry creating a concerted effort to change the reputation of the arena and make it greater appealing to all people, now not simply the ones ‘within the trade’.

Car auctions sell motors, commercial automobiles, bikes, plant equipment, and some of them may even sell massive items automobiles and likely caravans and motor homes.

Auction houses do not own the cars which they sell. They merely act as a shop front for many distinct types of seller. These can encompass leasing companies, fleet management groups, dealer agencies, banks and economic establishments, governmental our bodies, police, and of course private people.

Let’s study each of these different dealers greater intently:

Leasing Companies

Leasing companies hire motors to groups or non-public drivers for a hard and fast period of time (occasionally as little as 1 year) so the cars positioned into public sale are generally younger fashions with a great mileage and due to the fact the motors are generally leased from new, they’ll have simplest had one character driving them even as going to a meeting two times a week! When the hire or apartment period ends, leasing organizations will input their old inventory into public sale as their clients are extra interested by leasing trendy cars. These agencies are commonly owned by means of banks or financial institutions.

Fleet Management Companies

These are much like Leasing businesses in that they rent their stock to corporations however differ in that they will deliver their customers with a whole fleet of vehicles and manipulate that fleet on behalf of their patron. Again, while the apartment duration for the fleet ends, the businesses want to take advantage of the capital wrapped up of their inventory on the way to update it with new models.

Dealer Groups

If you have got ever part exchanged your old vehicle at one of the massive, glass fronted sellers or showrooms, chances are it has finally been positioned into auction and bought. Dealer groups may even enter vintage or unsold stock (known as overage) from their forecourts that allows you to preserve their showrooms searching fresh with the cutting-edge that the manufacturer(s) must provide. Of path, shopping for a automobile at auction which has been entered with the aid of a supplier organization can be a piece riskier than the leasing or fleet corporations as if a person has component exchanged their vintage automobile, you need to ask your self why did they do it, what form of person where they, how well did they maintain it and how many previous keepers has it had?

Banks and economic establishments

Banks and economic institutions can fall into fleet and leasing corporations as many of them have these factors inside their respective company families and comply with the equal traits. However, banks also can enter automobiles into auctions which have been repossessed from their clients after defaults on loan or loan repayments. Obviously a car itself is of little or no interest to a financial institution, they are only interested by the cost and the cash which may be crafted from it.

Governmental our bodies

Government our bodies will run fleets of motors for his or her group of workers and key executives and could update this fleet on a normal basis with the vintage stock being put into public sale. Separate Government departments can even enter a extensive range of vehicles at auction from ex-defence Land Rovers or group of workers automobiles, to garden mowers and diggers used at the nearby playing fields or within the local cemetery! Local Government may enter automobiles into auction that have been seized through bailiffs observe non payment of payments along with Council Tax (depending on the Local Authority in query, those can be pretty high stop fashions).


Police forces will auction motors seized from convicted criminals to either compensate victims, split an illegal estate or regain public cash won fraudulently. The police also public sale a ramification of different items seized for similar reasons and might do that thru an auction house or through maintaining their own property auctions. As nicely as these masses, all police forces can even run a fleet of undercover or unmarked motors and those will want to be constantly updated, with the vintage stock being put into auction to elevate funds for the pressure.

Private individuals

This is the class of seller that we’re virtually interested by. Private dealers can input and buy automobiles from auction and if their vehicle isn’t offered first time spherical, they can tell the auction house to hold putting it in till they acquire a suitable bid. Be warned although, public sale homes will charge you for whenever they input the automobile so if you have sold your car after multiple sales, you may want to check your reserve price or rethink your alternatives.

How does it paintings?

Most auctions paintings on the identical major; your prospective customers bid towards one another, raising the amount which they offer with each new bid they make till their competition drop out and they may be left as the very best bidder. All of your bidders could be inside the auction corridor (although an online detail is turning into increasing popular) and all bids are made within the open. This kind of auction is called an ‘English Auction and its method applies to most people of vehicle auctions.

When your vehicle arrives on the auction centre, it’ll be inspected by way of the auctions technicians who will highlight any scratches, dents, scuffs, rust, and many others and cost the general damage prices. It may be essential to do not forget this whilst you think about your reserve as alternate shoppers will have a very good concept of the cars cost and of the harm charges and could issue this into their bidding. The harm cost will no longer be proven to any shoppers, it’s far merely for the public sale house’s records.

Your car will then be photographed and ‘lotted’, the method wherein your vehicle is entered right into a sale. It could be assigned plenty wide variety and will be positioned inside the auctions backyard to be regarded by means of the consumers.

At the equal time, your automobiles info may be published on line for customers to have a look at before they arrive at the auction. This is a superb manner of constructing hobby for your car and most public sale homes will send our copies of their cutting-edge catalogues to their consumers.

You ought to do your exceptional to ensure that you vehicle is entered with all the paperwork and material that you have relating to it:

V5c Registration Document
Hand e book
Any other manuals (SatNav, radio, and many others)
Service ebook
Historic garage receipts of info of labor achieved
Locking wheel nut key (if your automobile has one)
Any different facts or items that came together with your automobile when you bought it
All of these items are vital to shoppers and in case you had been buying a car, you would count on to have the whole thing that you can have regarding it so think of those when you enter your car.

Of direction, you may additionally must depart your key and any spares with the auction.

In the public sale halls…

When your automobile is lining as much as be pushed into the public sale halls, consumers will start to look carefully at the car, looking for any harm and they may open the doorways to have a look at the interior. Buyers aren’t typically allowed to check power cars or look below the bonnet so this system of final inspection is vital to them.

Once your car is in area in front of the auctioneer, the vehicles information and any special functions, inclusive of greater indoors capabilities, alloy wheels, and many others, may be study to the audience. The auctioneer will then begin the bidding with a gap bid beneath your reserve. If there may be a exceptional deal of interest in your automobile, bids can rise rapid with many people competing. Eventually, the auctioneer might also drop the increases in length to amounts that the final couple of bidders experience greater comfy with. This should mean that you see increases of £50 in your vehicle rather than the £500s you were seeing right on the begin. The client with the very last highest bid has now bought your car as long as their highest bid was over your reserve. At this point the buyer has entered right into a prison settlement.

If the final maximum bid did now not quite meet your reserve, the auctioneer may additionally elegance this a provisional bid and the public sale will then try to negotiate between you and the buyer. At this factor, you could ask for extra cash or demand that your reserve be met. If you move too high and the purchaser pulls out, the sale will fall thru. It is a balancing act between what the consumer is prepared to offer and the minimal quantity you’re inclined to simply accept.

If you attain an agreement, the sale will undergo as regular.

If settlement can not be reached, you have the option to take your automobile out of future auctions and maintain it, or input it again in the desire of having a higher bid. Hopefully this won’t occur and you’ll promote your vehicle but if you have to recollect this you should take into account that many auctions are utilized by motor traders who attend most weeks and in the event that they see the same vehicle go through each week, they may be less inclined to provide a high bid. Auctions can even fee you for on every occasion you input your vehicle, with some additionally charging storage after a certain quantity of time and sales, so you should don’t forget those fees while thinking of the cash you need to make from the sale.

How a whole lot will it value?

The price to go into your automobile in an auction can range from £15-£30 depending on the dimensions and popularity of the public sale residence and will be deducted from the whole sale price of the car. This fee may be payable each time you enter your car in to a sale if it does now not sell.

On top of this, there can also be commission deducted from the sale charge. This will be on an increasing scale and could rely upon the sale price of the automobile in query. Always take a look at with the auction residence earlier than you input your automobile and save around the public sale homes neighborhood to you to get the excellent deal.

After the sale

Assuming that a deal has been reached or that your car sold right now, the public sale will no longer provide any of the motors office work to the new purchaser until complete charge has been made. Once this takes place, the public sale will skip all fabric relating to the auto to the consumer.

Most auction organizations will also address the felony exchange in possession for your behalf and could talk the sale to DVLA Swansea with the automobiles V5c Registration Document on your behalf, as you do no longer know the consumers information. Some auctions fee for this carrier so take a look at at time of entry.

Car auction corporations are normally quite brief in sending you the money in your vehicle and can be as brief as a couple of days after the sale, typically through cheque or financial institution switch. The access costs and fee taken through the auction will normally be information on a remittance advice sent to you once your money has been despatched to you.

Other matters to recall:

When you’re thinking of putting your car into an auction, you could want to think of these items which could boom your chances of having a sale:

Is the indoors smooth?
Having crisp packets, beverages bottles or cigarette ends n the ashtray isn’t appealing and you will now not through a automobile like that so why could anybody else?
Do you smoke for your automobile?
If you smoke to your car, try to banish the scent of stale smoke as nice you could. Smoking in vehicles also can lead to burns on seats, trim and pretty much everywhere else so be privy to them.
Have you obtain a whole or exact provider records on your automobile?
Buyers take a look at the carrier records in your car to look the way it has been stored. A desirable service history commonly mean that the relaxation of the car has been looked after properly. Main dealer stamps are fairly sought in carrier records however your neighborhood permitted storage will suffice.

Is there any tax left to your automobile?

Selling a car with tax allows the buyer to drive away with that automobile on the day they offered it. If your vehicle does no longer have tax, they buyer will want to insure it, then type out the tax earlier than they are able to drive it. Since public sale homes will not pass any car files to the customer earlier than full price is made, this could result in a terrific deal of trouble for the purchaser as they’ll have to leave, sort the insurance, come back and pay for the auto, go away and sort the tax (now that they have the MOT certificate), come returned and ultimately power away.

Trade buyers shopping for many vehicles will not fear approximately the problem component too much as they will get their new motors added by using transporter, it specifically matters to them for the resale fee which tax can add onto their forecourts.

When does the MOT run out (or does it even have one?)

Selling your car with MOT gives your vehicle a lift in public sale as customers will just see it as an brought cost if it does not have one. Your buyer can even want to have a valid MOT earlier than they could ensure the automobile!

Are there cosmetic things that might be tidied or corrected earlier than you enter it?

Are there stains on seats or interior trim that can be removed? Is there a brake mild bulb that would be replaced? Are there stickers on the home windows that would be eliminated?

Is it profitable finding out that scratch earlier than you enter it?

Getting a small scratch or dent repaired before you enter your vehicle can boom the chances of it selling as it will now not be cited at the harm document (as lengthy because it is a superb activity!)

Do you have a spare key, SatNav disk, or antique garage bills in the returned of a cabinet somewhere?

You need to do your upmost to ensure which you give the whole lot associated with your car to the public sale along with your automobile. Things like spare keys add to the price and old storage receipts permit your client realize precisely what has been finished, added, modified or mended to their new automobile in addition to who finished it.

Obviously, in case your automobile has built in SatNav, you should consist of the disk for this in conjunction with any preparation manuals.

Remember, auction homes will look into your car and so will our buyers sonly kind out scratches or different problems in case you sense you can be a very good job of it in any other case it simply way that a person else has to redo your attempt meaning extra value and time!

This article is best meant as a guide as all public sale agencies have distinctive strategies, fees, purchaser base and ethos but I hope that this article has given you some insight into the concerns of selling your vehicle, van, lorry, tractor (or some other automobile) at a car public sale and if you do decide to comply with this path, true luck!

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