Is There Such a Thing As Real Magic?

I have been asked by many people: “What if I simply don’t believe in Voodoo or Magic? How can it affect me?”

This is a excellent query! And here is the simple solution: Magic works based totally on the following premises:

Science can not give an explanation for everything presently, if it ever will!
Magic is defined as any process of using phenomena that isn’t always understood (no longer defined through technological know-how at the moment) to provide regarded effects.
Therefore, even scientists might have to agree, that through this definition, there’s a LOT of magic left within the global!
You do not ought to “consider” in magic, any more than you have to believe in “technology” for it to paintings. It is genuinely a truth; they both exist.

Key be aware here: Some magic does use belief as one in all its gear however a number of magic does no longer require any notion at all.

The distinction between technological know-how and magic is truely the level of know-how, and the ease of repeatability of consequences; even then the line may be blurry among the 2.

The difference between the scientist and the sorcerer is sincerely the intention:

The scientist seeks to apprehend the phenomena in terms of some mathematical version, or in terms of the mechanism at paintings.
The sorcerer seeks to use the phenomena with out regard to understanding the character of the mechanism(s) at paintings.
Of course, those are extremes. Most scientists do are seeking to in some unspecified time in the future make the most the findings into a few software. And many sorcerers positioned forth theories as to how they think the mechanisms of their magic paintings.

These primary definitions create a boundary line among science and magic this is regularly crossed through each scientists and sorcerers.

So it isn’t always a be counted of belief as to whether or not or not something is viable. What topics is how real a phenomenon really is. There changed into a time whilst many human beings did not “trust” that gun powder existed, or that a substance like that became even possible. Belief had no region in its viable lifestyles.

So I will share with you the subsequent concept: Almost some thing is viable in case you know how. This is a fundamental basis for our universe. It is a phenomena associated with a universe primarily based on loose will.

Let me provide an explanation for:

In order to have loose will, it’s far important to have

Reality (which offers Choices)
Perception ( the potential to distinguish truth)
Self- Awareness, which incorporates:
A Belief System with The Concept of Morality
The Idea of Reality
A Subconscious
Life-Will – an order producing phenomena this is the basis for existence itself.
Life will is what organizes random atoms into, nicely, us.
If you look at the records of invention, you’ll see that the best limitations on the capacity abilities of technological know-how is sources and creativeness. Therefore, whatever you need to gain is feasible, if you could simply figure out the way to do it. This does no longer suggest that any process is viable, it simply indicates that any end result is!

Magic is a valid system (if not a properly-understood one) as lengthy because it does result in the outcomes which can be intended. It is just as valid as medical tactics, which also have quantified amounts of uncertainty and self belief related to them.

So while your belief system can make some thing real (i.E., make something feasible with a combination of visualizing a purpose), after which figuring out the way to make it feasible, or actual, much magic may be executed without perception. This most effective covers magic, in its most fundamental experience.

What approximately Sympathetic Magic? This receives a little greater unique, and to apprehend how this works we need to recognize the idea of Life-Will.

The idea of Life-Will is rather abstract, so I will not try and cover absolutely. However, I will searching for to provide an explanation for it sufficient to give an explanation for the character of sympathetic magic.

Life-Will is a directive of the universe that seeks to create order out of disorder. It is a low-level manifestation of the non-corporeal that directs depend into styles that produce existence-producing benefits. It is commonly controlled into what we’d call a unconscious degree. This level of consciousness may be very effective, as even present day scientists have turn out to be privy to.

Life-Will can be directed with the aid of congruent man or woman wills to supply greater viable results. One of the top notch instance that I illustrates this idea became a simple experiment regarding fowl eggs and a heat lamp.

The lamp was installation to blink randomly, and to be on simplest approximately 1/2 the time (statistically). But whilst the eggs have been placed beneath the lamp, the light tended to live on longer, and become on for more than 50% of the time meant. Something that the researchers couldn’t apprehend changed into retaining the mild on longer than it become alleged to be, however best when the eggs have been located beneath the lamp. This is an instance of congruent subconscious will directing Life-Will to help produce lifestyles-producing or sustaining advantages!

The eggs have been aware, as they might “sense” and “react” to the heat of the lamp, thru metabolic techniques that expanded and have been sustained when the lamp turned into on. This focus directed the Life-Will to maintain the lamp on longer than it have been programmed for – some thing the researchers had now not planned for! The give up result became that more of the chicks did ultimately hatch.

This egg experiment is a scientifically repeatable instance of magic. This is basically the basis of sympathetic magic, and indeed for non secular dogma and the cause of many miracles.

With the unconscious will this powerful, consider the electricity of the directed aware thoughts! By developing congruent perception systems (religious dogma), a collective consciously pushed mechanism for directing Life-Will may be produced and sustained. The electricity of this device is simplest restrained by way of the perception device.

There is an old adage: “You could make something genuine if you believe tough magicien mariage.” This is definitely one manner of activating Life-Will. The fact that you exist in this universe, in this aircraft of life, manner that you are tormented by it and which you have a few manage over life will.

All forces work at a distance. Even the pressure of physical contact is surely an expression of quantum electromagnetic forces, which do no longer permit for any two objects to sincerely contact however as a substitute the forces are expressed before any actual touch is made. To even come “very” close is to provide nuclear results which include fission or fusion, and that is still now not “touching”. The factor is that the concept of “force at a distance” is frequent in current science.

To give an explanation for the final paragraph greater truely, just understand that each atom or even every part of every atom has space among them. Everything influences everything else earlier than they sincerely touch. When you pick out up a pitcher, the electrons to your fingers push at the electrons of the glass and that they never clearly contact each other. This is understood and measurable scientific truth.

Furthermore, those forces increase to infinity, by way of definition. They may be essentially consciously imperceptible, however they’re there. This way that collective influence is constantly feasible. So via existing on this universe, you are problem to steer with the aid of the whole thing else that exists in it and you have an effect on the entirety else in it too. And on this manner, we’re all simply expressions of 1, bigger collective enjoy known as the universe.

It is not possible to wreck or create mass or electricity. But Life-Will seeks to do neither. Instead, it directs already present electricity and be counted into more prepared states that advantage existence. This means that magic does no longer violate any “recognised” laws of physics, but as an alternative works with legal guidelines that we may be aware of, in addition to in congruence with those laws we aren’t aware of.

So what does it count number that you “don’t believe in magic”? It means that you probable won’t be able to use it, because you may not let yourself, much like a person who would not consider in cars could be not able to permit themselves power.

It does now not imply which you can not be stricken by it, most effective that you may not consciously use it your self. This is similar to the character listed above, who will not force, but ought to nonetheless be effortlessly struck by means of a moving car ought to they step in front of it at the wrong time. It additionally does now not suggest you can not get pizza brought in your door with the aid of a person riding a vehicle.

What about doing spells to folks who do not consider in magic? The practitioners of magic might be able to direct magic to their will, irrespective of what the notion systems of the intended are. Of direction the meant has their very own life will and their very own beliefs and they are exerting pressure on their own lives too.

Key be aware: study the remaining to strains once more. Then realise that because of this some spells can have plenty more impact than others. An instance is that a spell to locate a true love will paintings better than a spell to make a specific character love you but each can and could have consequences.

This does now not suggest that the spell caster ought to use this as an opportunity to exercise black magic of any kind on such people! There are different unconscious structures at paintings in an effort to hold this from repeating have to a spell caster abuse his powers. Instead, merely recognize that you can carry out beneficial magic, and the in-congruent belief system of the intended recipient may additionally have little effect at the spell.

However, consciously driven congruent notion systems will always produce higher effects! This approach that in case you and the recipient both accept as true with in the effectiveness, you may each “empower” the spell to be tons more effective.

So, even though belief might not be able to prevent the results of magic, it does make magic more powerful whilst it is gift. The stronger the perception, the more potent the clear up, and the greater effective your magic turns into.

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