How an Advanced Print Management and Spooling Solution Improves Printing in a Windows Server

Company – For the purposes of this case take a look at, we’ve consolidated a couple of organizations’ Windows printing demanding situations with a view to gift a extra complete “photo” of the blessings that OM Plus grants.

Business Problem – Most business procedures require a few sort of output to be initiated and/or taken into consideration entire. This output is created via commercial enterprise packages (ERP’s Financial Applications, HR Applications, Payroll Applications, etc.), and consists of such things as invoices, exams, financial reviews, shipping and production associated files, etc. The output is commonly “added” to its cease vacation spot (maximum usually a printer) to initiate and/or complete the enterprise manner. Enterprise-primarily based output printing is most customarily batch orientated and is outstanding from normal desktop printing by way of the truth that it is challenge essential. It is more annoying; time touchy and business tactics can collapse if the printing isn’t always efficaciously completed and managed. It is extraordinarily important to the of completion of a enterprise process to know that a file has published. Cash isn’t gathered if invoices do not print, goods aren’t shipped if the pick lists don’t print, and providers don’t get paid if A/P checks don’t print. What is the effect for your commercial enterprise if invoices don’t get despatched out even though your application sent them to the printer and assumes they printed?

The key commercial enterprise trouble faced in a Windows Server surroundings is the dearth of a strong print control and spooling machine that has advanced, put up-spooling functionality. The Windows Spooling System (WSS) works pretty well in terms of acting the duties for which it become designed, spooling print jobs and handing over them to a printer. However, superior, post spooling capability is clearly non-existent in WSS and this reasons commercial enterprise issues. The Windows Spooling System lacks the submit-spooling, batch printing gear which can be needed to streamline file centric business processes in an “agency class” print control surroundings.

Key Technical Challenge – Unfortunately, not one of the Windows Server Operating Systems’ WSS’s were designed to address the production delivery of files throughout an corporation or provide advanced “submit spooling” file shipping functionality. These shortcomings of WSS impact commercial enterprise procedures and upload unnecessary aid charges. Due to those shortcomings, problems stand up with reliable and showed record transport, centralized print management and control across distinct structures, report integration with electronic bureaucracy, and the supportability of the complete enterprise’s file transport systems. Documents are misplaced, not introduced successfully or in a well timed style and purchaser pride or enterprise procedures suffer.

Additionally, because the Windows Spooling System (WSS) lacks post-spooling equipment it cannot provide the following capabilities which can be regularly essential to successfully hold an “enterprise magnificence” print management surroundings. WSS does not offer:

Confirmation of the print task touchdown within the output tray-Assuring to the software that a report has been effectively published
Automatic addition of print unique completing instructions without consumer intervention-Users can request finishing instructions but this is not normally sensible in big batch printing
Server level accounting-Who revealed what, wherein and what sort of across the whole enterprise
Scalability of print infrastructure-After more than one hundred fifty print queues WSS scalability is questionable
Load Balancing-WSS can offer overflow load balancing however to get proper “round robin” printing wherein all printers are shared similarly, not simply when the primary one is busy, requires OM Plus
Document re-printing without having to re-create or re-spool the job-Since WSS purges the job after shipping to the printer buffer, there is not an clean way to re-print the job or quantities of the activity, without re-creating it and re-spooling it
Job precedence controls-If a big task is dominating a printer, it’s far tough to prevent the task and permit others to print, then re-start the huge task in which it stopped with WSS
Auto fail-over and re-routing of jobs around failed printers-WSS can’t routinely re-course a print activity around a failed printe
Viewing in WYSIWYG after spooling, prior to printing-If a user desires to view the job without printing it, WSS does no longer offer a WYSIWYG view. This can be very beneficial and offer fee financial savings for jobs that only need to be considered but no longer honestly printed
The potential to dam jobs mechanically which are too huge, unauthorized, or now not to be imprinted on the installed shape-Business policies can’t be installation in WSS in order that jobs can be re-directed or placed on maintain when they are despatched to a printer now not applicable to print the job, i.E. A thousand web page document being sent to a computer printer cannot be stopped, re-routed to a manufacturing length printer and then an e mail despatched to the file requester notifying them of the re-routing. With OM Plus that is feasible
Re-printing from a specific web page after the job has been introduced to the printer buffer-WSS will purge it whilst it is completed delivering the process to the printer, now not when the closing page is efficiently printed, making it difficult to understand exactly what page needs to print next. Critical want in test printing to print the next test effectively after a printer hassle
Technical Solution -The technical solution applied at our clients with those commercial enterprise troubles is OM Plus, the Advanced Print Spooling and Print Management answer from Plus Technologies.
At the coronary heart of the OM Plus suite of product solutions is the OM Plus Server. It monitors all gadget sports and plays the middle tasks related to the shipping of documents including, task scheduling, queue management, protection, task popularity, printer management and other system functions. It is constantly privy to all relevant device factors, queues, printers, fax servers, e mail servers, pagers, net pages, archive systems, e-paperwork, record types, user authorities, servers, and priorities.

End-to-End Confirmation

OM Plus affords give up-to-cease affirmation all the manner to the final vacation spot. It may even confirm the delivery of a process due to the fact it may inform whilst the paper has landed inside the output tray for PJL compliant printers. End-to-end confirmation allows the administrators to discover the hassle area when shipping interruptions and failures occur. OM Plus is completely SNMP compliant and can seize information furnished through SNMP gadgets. This permits users to see extra unique information on device popularity (i.E. The printer is low on toner). OM Plus can even communicate at once to internet enabled gadgets to acquire distinctive fame information.

Automated, occasion based processing

Events which includes printer problems may be defined so that OM Plus robotically notifies an administrator thru pager or email of the printer hassle. Other events together with a printer is busy or the shape the job requires is loaded in some other printer can cause computerized re-routing of a print task.

Printer & Print Management

According to industry specialists, a regular business enterprise can spend as a whole lot as fifteen percent of its general revenue on printing and print control. Organizations that proactively control their print output can lessen the high fees associated with Namecard printing.

OM Plus’ advanced print management functionality improves productiveness and decreases fee.
OM Plus:

Allows important control and tracking of the reputation of printer devices and jobs across the entire corporation from a single status display screen enhancing assist table productiveness.
Ensures shipping of output to its final vacation spot in the perfect layout.
Greatly lessen assist desk calls.
Maximizes printer availability.
Reduces fees associated with guide bursting and distribution of stories with digital bursting and bundling of stories (with RD/RB Plus alternatives)
Users can upload or get rid of printers themselves from their own magnificence of printers
Audit and Accounting Logs
The OM Plus accounting log tracks utilization information that is required in price back environments. The audit log assists with troubleshooting and hassle resolution. Both are viewable, searchable, exportable and customizable making problem decision quicker.

Document Viewing

The viewer in OM Plus perspectives all textual content documents and easy PCL. OM Plus will mechanically release extra viewers to view greater complicated file formats.

Printer Status Monitoring

OM Plus captures a rolling log of PJL statements from the printer. This log permits a user to view the real reputation of a printer.

Implementation – On site services consisting of installation, gadget configuration, trying out and consumer training became added by means of carrier engineers from Plus Technologies to all of these clients. In all cases, the implementation was completed and in manufacturing within to three weeks of the order.

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