Choosing Options Or Choice

Choosing is deciding among alternatives.

It is determining what I want & desire or what I need with a ardour.

Choosing is an alternative of my ego self.

I actually have an option to pick out and an doctors for choice no longer to choose.

When an alternative is seen as a choice, I am unaware of my actual choice.

My authentic desire is already chosen.

I do not need to make a choice as it’s miles already selected.

My real choice is my Soul’s Choice.

My Soul always offers my Self a choice but never an choice.

I do no longer need to select an choice; just take delivery of my choice for my Self.

My desire is ever gift as my Soul’s gift to my Self.

Opting to always select my Soul’s Choice requires instinct.

Knowing My Choice

I understand my desire intuitively.

Intelligently score options is an activity of a thoughts that is intuitively disconnected.

With my intuitive connection, I don’t have any want to rationalise my options.

There are no professionals or cons to planned.

There is just an intuitive understanding of what I actually have already selected for my Self.

When I understand my choice, deciding on is unnecessary as all other options are irrelevant.

My choice intuitively knows what’s right for my Self.

With intuitive knowing, preference becomes absolute and no longer relative to my beyond studies of existence.

Choice becomes absolute and selecting options turns into out of date.

Feeling My Choice

The right choice for my Self feels proper for me.

Whatever feels proper for me is proper for me.

My nice emotions are intuitive.

I intuitively experience what’s proper for my Self.

What is right for my Self constantly comes with a feeling of emotional power from my Soul.

My Soul’s emotional strength accompanies my Soul’s conscious authority.

My Soul in no way presents me with what is wrong for my Self.

Feeling that something is inaccurate is a prerogative of my ego self no longer my Soul.

Only my ego self has the choice to pick out between proper & wrong and top & awful feelings.

Bad emotions are the result of incorrect beliefs caused by a fake attitude that creates a fear or a restricting perception.

My Soul is unlimited and empowered by way of Love.

Seeing My Choice

I do now not see my desire with my seen eye-sight.

I use my eyes to see my options.

I see my choice intuitively.

I see my choice after I intuitively recognize & feel it to be my preference.

Seeing intuitively calls for the removal of all of the blockages which can be obscuring my Inner Vision.

My Soul’s vision for my Self is my Soul’s choice for my Self to see.

Seeing my vision is my choice.

My lifestyles-imaginative and prescient is my preference of my best existence.

Choosing my perfect lifestyles is my vision.

My internal train publications me intuitively along my desired direction.

My inner steerage machine is my intuition.

My inner imaginative and prescient sees my path intuitively.

My path is my route of desire that I observe via seeing my preference no longer with the aid of choosing my options.

Keith Collins

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