Universal Studios – Macy’s Holiday Parade (December only)

Macy’s Holiday Parade comes direct from New York Cirt after Thanks Giving. To be sincere, this is the first actual time we’ve got seen it in action, and we now comprehend what we were missing. Everyone’s seen “Miracle on 34th Street” with the Christmas parade as the little girl sits in the window because it is going by way of. Well this is it, except you are in Orlando, within the heat sunshine and the environment is first rate.

We determined to go on the first day of the parade which changed into the 9th Dec 2005, Friday as I bear in mind. I love the parades all the parks placed on, and I was waiting for this to be no different aside from the fact that we had by no means visible it earlier than.

The parade turned into set for 4pm, usually suitable to make sure you realize wherein the parade path is and the quality vicinity to stand. We constantly locate someone who works there and ask them in which they assume is excellent.

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Never fails to work specially if you have small kids with you too. And we had tried to discover what all the fuss became approximately. The whole parade is made from outsized balloons of Characters which include Wiggly Worm, Pumpkin and Americana plus dozens greater. The bizarre one you may see inside the big hangers on the rear of the Studio’s.

We had visible that on the program for that day, they were inquiring for volunteer Balloon Handlers! WOW, I thought that is for me, we then got tied up with the events of the day and I forgot all about taking component as a Balloon Handler.

As we are Annual Pass Holders, there’s a chosen area for you to stand, taped off only for these type of guests. So ready in the location, hoping that the climate would hold out, we waited for the main occasion. This become around 2 hours earlier than the parade.
I then decided to take a stroll over and see if they had been nonetheless trying volunteers and they had been!

I become assigned to the Pumpkin Balloon and changed into despatched off to be acceptable for the principle occasion. After being shown a way to take care of the balloon, we were given ready for the parade.
The Parade begins off close to the Twister Ride, heads closer to the main front and then takes a left flip handed the Terminator Ride.

The streets have been filled with travelers cheering as all the balloons surpassed. The feeling is electrical. The Parade is then turned left on the aspect of the lagoon and heads in the direction of the Earthquake Ride before turning once more passed the Revenge of the Mummy that is one in all Universal’s newest points of interest. The parade is very popular with all visitors, however more so the American’s as it suggests especially characters acknowledged by way of Americans.

The parade is also joined via Clowns, Dinky Cars and Jokers, Marching Bands and avenue actors who add to the texture of the parade. Although this parade isn’t always on the equal topic as Disney’s Parades, it is properly worth seeing and is a need to for the children. Unfortunately, this parade can best be visible in December and only runs for every week or so. So in case you are in Orlando at the beginning of December this 12 months, watch out for the Macy’s Day Parade and mark it in your diary as a “MUST DO”, you might not be disenchanted.

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