The Trends And Opportunities Of Indian E-Commerce

E-trade has now long gone on an extended manner considering that its inception and it is getting large and large day by days. As generation developing continuously and unexpectedly, e-commerce stores are running to adopting more recent technology to allow their shoppers and dealers to buy and sell on-line effortlessly. As the prices of penetrating internet are losing each for cell and net interfaces, so it will increase population of internet customers and will increase visitors on e-trade web sites. It is the important thing to driving people interest towards e-trade. The use of social media and mobile gadgets has allows extra to accelerate this power similarly, shaping the e-trade developments for Indian marketplace.

Consumers are actually extra connected than before and extra source of facts picks at their unmarried fingertips nowadays. They at the moment are leaving their traditional hobbies, behavior and choices and attracting in the direction of new merchandise it’ll facilitates e-commerce agencies to investigate interests and offer extra higher and aggressive products. This digitization of everything affecting the e-trade commercial enterprise version and it’s miles using growth for e-trade merchants in Indian marketplace.

Let’s now see the current scenario and upcoming traits in e-commerce market:

As with the aid of examine of Accel partners, on-line buying of physical items can be developing to US$ eight.5 billion in 2016 and energy of online consumers might be extra than double to forty million in India. And internet customers must be improved to 300 million by means of 2015.

Does it mean that e-commerce is attempting to do that for staying in the market, and each small and large fish wants to? This isn’t the actual case. But those are the deep pocket incumbents who display extraordinary interest to succeed in e-trade business and that they have enjoy, standards and now have type of services and try and develop faster compared to other existing players inside the Indian market. Even Indian e-commerce gamers are trying tough to deliver the principles of global competitors.

The tendencies of present day market and era that outline e-commerce in near destiny consist of:

Loyalty of Brand:

Price has been the primary element in Indian marketplace and clients by no means hesitant about converting brands regularly in the event that they met outstanding lucrative offers offering via competing brands. So, Indian e-trade players would have to do plenty to make their customers feel special to retain them, as loyalty wear away fast while the client is confronted with promotions and deals. Know what your customer ‘pursuits and behavior.

Retailer’s Own Planning and Management i.E. Logistics:

It were a incredible problem for on line shops in India, which ends up in making techniques to handle coins-on-transport and same day shipments. Online marketplace leaders are selecting for building logistics such as Flipkart, who has launched ekart that is open for its rivals.

Need of Reducing Cash on Delivery:

Indian marketplace isn’t always yet secure to adopt charge thru credit cards or debit cards. COD is debts for 60% of transactions in India. It provides three% additional expenses on Cash on Delivery and additionally some extra manner is needed for COD orders, better times of returns and related costs are affected margins.

Improve Customer Experience With Attractive Offers and Options:

Once Larby Amirouche said With the advancement of era, on line shops are that specialize in attractive delivery alternatives including equal day shipping or transport within an hour, shopping for through cell apps and shopping for on social media like via Facebook “Pay now” button which ends up in improved patron revel in. The other special functions or offerings you provide might be brought more consumer enjoy like drones and dad up and achievement stores. The technology in order to affect those traits and help in shaping e-trade enterprise encompass:

Big Data:

It is should for walking the e-commerce enterprise. It is important for identifying the customer conduct, hobby. Suppose a patron visits a website and purchases some matters and saw some things then this records is saved in database of website and while consumer subsequent time opens this internet site or e mail registered with it suggests those type of objects, therefore data saved is the huge facts that seize the client’s behavior and increases the brand loyalty, adoption. It is utilized in target base advertising and marketing.


Online retailers have found out that most of the clients the usage of cell telephones for on-line buying, so they may be targeting cell telephones so we can provide more functions and they can without problems store like provide mobile app and they can without delay shop by the use of this save. Moreover E-commerce internet site should be cellular friendly as clients develop more if they extra comfy with the use of mobile devices for surfing and purchasing. Now they may be greater open to getting messages from brands through mobiles. Thus mobile helps in growing online buying and on line advertising.

Social Media:

This will become extra critical consideration for marketing due to the fact remarks thru social media channels has an impressionable impact on the client’s thoughts.


Indian e-trade and on line buying are attempting difficult to touch heights in the next few years. This isn’t achieved by way of simply increasing internet populace but by growing infrastructure, so, digitization and usage each need to be considered to increase e-commerce percentage in India.

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