The Pursuit of Beauty

During my trip to Manhattan on the Express Bus one morning, I had the enterprise and pride of studying the March issue of Allure mag. I started through analyzing the Letter from the Editor Linda Wells and stumped upon this putting seize word, the “pursuit of beauty”. Linda explains this phenomenon to be similar to the pursuit of the American Dream. It is “a proper to decide and improve our vital selves, psychologically and physically…That transcends gender, elegance, race, age and sexual orientation.” I concept to myself, “this is so authentic!” What person today does no longer need to be and feel beautiful? There isn’t any doubt, that we as human beings are acutely touchy to our bodily appearances and will do whatever to advantage or to maintain our non-public beauty. Our insatiable want for all things “beauty” proves that we are all in full pursuit and unapologetically so.

According to dictionary.Com splendor is “the exceptional present in a element or character that gives extreme pride or gives deep satisfaction to the thoughts.” This emotional bond to delight explains why beauty plays this kind of big part in our lives. We can not help ourselves inside the presence of things or individuals that call to our sensibilities. Physical splendor, even though a rely of flavor and opinion is likewise characterized by means of society’s perspectives. In maximum cultures, the existence of symmetry or balance is a determining element of splendor because it suggests the absence of “flaws” or “defects”. Facial balance, complexion, body form and size, as well as youthfulness are all standardizations of beauty. The characterization of splendor but, cannot be understood without also realizing that beauty has any other aspect to it – One that is not so physical, however as a substitute metaphysical (a extra intangible element ). We can not always see or contact it, but its presence is plain. With that being stated, we cannot exclude mental elements inclusive of character, intelligence, politeness, beauty or charisma as figuring out elements in spotting beauty.

As I researched extra into this beauty craze, I stumbled upon some very thrilling findings. To my wonder, (adequate perhaps no longer so amazed) researchers have determined that possessing bodily attractiveness can be quite influential in a people lifestyles. Someone who is taken into consideration to be lovely is probably to get Best Collagen, get hold of better care from their doctors, acquire lighter jail sentences and earn extra money. As if we do not have enough problems in the global nowadays, now we recognize that uncontrollable factors like our God-given beauty or “lack thereof”, is simply some other social barrier to add to our listing. Whether we acknowledge it or not, and whether we try this consciously or unconsciously, this type of “lookism” has plagued our society for years and might shed some mild on the depth of vanity that exists in our international today.

This daunting truth actually impacts how we understand ourselves as well as others. The images we see on television additionally determine what we recall to be lovely and is the driving pressure in the direction of this look for perfection. We spend thousands of dollars and insurmountable time buying on line or on the shops, shopping all styles of beauty merchandise, making nail, hair, facial and botox appointments, studying style magazines and taking unique notice of what our favorite celebrities are carrying, doing and using to stay narrow, youthful and yes, beautiful.

Let’s no longer forget, that there was once a time while we were all mystified with the aid of the stunning models and celebrities, who flawlessly walked the red carpets and flanked the covers of magazines effortlessly, or as a minimum so it regarded. We dreamed about being them and looking like them, wondering they had been born perfectly that manner. Thanks to our growing obsession with celebrity-life, the shameless and infinite invasions of privateness thru fact tv, the social networks and the “inform-all” craze, we now not handiest have the records and the expertise but additionally access to the as soon as “pinnacle secret” sometimes intense, physical enhancers.

Don’t get me wrong, the “pursuit of beauty” does not must imply a ride to a plastic healthcare professional, nor is it an elusive commodity on hand to only to the wealthy and well-known. We can all be bodily stunning! The multi-billion greenback splendor enterprise has made sure to satisfy our every splendor want by bombarding us with a plethora of products and services geared toward making us sense and look younger and greater beautiful.The opportunities and assets to be had to us are endless on this department. We have merchandise that make us appearance more youthful, products that make our skin smoother, products that make our stomachs flat, products that make our lips plumper, products that give us fuller hair, products that make our lashes longer and thicker, stylists, eyebrow threaders, make-up artists, style developments that change each season, adornments like rings, necklaces, tattoos, hats and so forth we all use these items to decorate our private splendor and elegance in a few manner.

The truth is however, our pursuit of splendor is not just about exploiting our “sexual capital”. It’s now not just the physical component of splendor that enamors us. We are looking for a combination among the visible and the unseen – The bodily (outer) and the mental (inner) because they both thrive off each different. I like many, consider that proper splendor comes from within. Inner splendor in my definition, is that undeniable, profound light that shines from you and onto the arena. It is your air of secrecy, your spirit, the stamp you leave in the back of after a person meets you for the first time. My father likes to consult this intangible, non secular aspect of our human nature as the “inner man” or “female”. Though this “inner splendor” may additionally come simpler to a few than others, it’s far the start degrees to fulfilling this intrinsic choice for bodily pride or happiness.

If psychologically we can discover the energy and self assurance to peer ourselves as stunning regardless of what, then the arena could haven’t any desire however to view us that manner. Any bodily imperfections that we might imagine we possess can disappear. Possessing internal beauty is the muse of the pursuit of beauty. After all, we understand that with age physical beauty disappears and there are many uncontrollable forces which could easily cast off or reduce our physical beauty, like a excessive accident or disorder for instance. Inner beauty comes from a deeper place. It oozes out of your coronary heart and soul and serves as a complimentary component to physical beauty.

So why this urgency to want to be lovely? What lies beneath this so-called pursuit? What is it that actions us into the quest for close to perfection? The reality is, the pursuit of beauty is in truth the pursuit of happiness – they are one within the identical. Though Linda refers to this pursuit as being “noticeably American”, to me, it’s miles more so, undeniably human. Whether it’s far a physical or mental improvement to ourselves, we’re all in look for this completeness. It is a calling to being someone bigger and better than we’ve ever been. It’s about taking walks out your door everyday feeling like a ray of sunshine, confident with every step you’re taking. It is a intention, a widespread to set, that once executed, is rewarded with a life-time of self belief, self assurance, delight, grace, poise and exuberance for life.

We consequently can’t deny that we are in a brand new technology, where splendor and the acquisition of it, is no longer an enigmatic, perplexing phenomenon, however alternatively an expression of 1’s delight and self esteem. Beauty has now turn out to be a lifestyle, and we’ve learned that physical splendor can not stand on its own, we are able to most effective enhance it. It is only whilst there may be entire synergy between the bodily (outer splendor) and the mental (inner beauty) working in complete balance with each different like yin and yang, are we able to accurately say we’ve got performed our goal in this pursuit of splendor and in the long run happiness.

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