The Dish: Hall Of Shadows

The BALCO controversy? Just a coupla cowboys, stabbin’ each other in the again.

Yahoo Sports suggested this week that the supply of the leaks that blew open the BALCO case in opposition to Barry Bonds and many others turned into BALCO defense lawyer Troy Ellerman. Which is already quite crazy. The San Francisco Chronicle journalists who wrote the ebook Game Of Shadows, which had info of grand jury testimony which shouldn’t legally are becoming into the public domain, are presently watching for sentencing of as much as 18 months in prison for refusing to expose their sources. Ellerman, who worked for the protection within the BALCO case, could be one weird hombre to be leaking records about Victor Conte and Bonds to journalists, wouldn’t you assert?

Even more strange is the reality that Ellerman’s popularity as the potential leaker become uncovered by way of personal investigator Larry McCormack. Until currently, McCormack (who labored for the BALCO defense crew within the first few months of the research) was the govt director of the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame, but became fired about three months ago. Ellerman, meanwhile, similarly to being a BALCO attorney, is the commissioner of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, and helped McCormack get his task on the hall of reputation. It’s been alleged (and McCormack denies this) that the reason McCormack is now speakme out about Ellerman being the supply of the leak is revenge for having misplaced his job on the hall of reputation. Of rodeo.

How ironic is that, humans? Bonds might also by no means get to the Baseball Hall of Fame because of some dudes squabbling over the Rodeo Hall of Fame.

What do you watched of the Allen Iverson deal? Is Denver a legitimate threat now? And is Philly a lock for the NBA’s worst report?

BoDog Bookmakers, BoDog.Ws: The deal turned into in all likelihood the satisfactory deal Billy King may want to receive, given the circumstances. Firstly, he became capable of get two greater first-spherical selections that may be traded or used to herald some younger expertise. In addition, Andre Miller is a solid player, and he ought to help keep the 76ers from looking an awful lot worse than they already do. After Carmelo became suspended, Denver needed to make this deal more than absolutely everyone. How do you update the NBA’s leading scorer? Get the NBA’s 2nd-main scorer. Iverson in no way takes a สล็อตออนไลน์ game off, and for the first time he has a valid, All-Star-quality teammate. His scoring may also drop, however his assists-according to-game may want to go through the roof now that he has someone to skip the rock to. George Karl is a winner; he will get the higher cease of the deal with his new Nuggets group. On the other quit, Philadelphia has all however assured themselves Greg Oden or Texas phenom Kevin Durrant.

The Jets, Jaguars, Bengals or Broncos: which teams will win the AFC Wild Cards, and why?

BDB, BoDog.Ws: The the rest of the Jags’ agenda is hard, thinking about they should play the Pats and Chiefs to finish the season. The Jets are missing in standard skills, but are nicely-coached and have an simpler time table in advance of them. The winner of the Denver/Cincy recreation will squeeze through, but apart from that, it’s too difficult to call.

And perform a little NFC Wild Card evaluation for us: Eagles, Giants or Falcons? How come?

BDB, BoDog.Ws: Eagles QB Jeff Garcia has come in and performed a few very effective football. Remember his taunting penalty against the Giants? It just is going to reveal how fired up he is, and what kind of this crew is driven to win. Along with having to cope with an inconsistent quarterback, participant dissent towards the instruct, and severa accidents, the Giants have additionally had to deal with Tiki’s pre-retirement declaration. They’re lucky to have a somewhat simpler time table to complete with. First up, they have the Saints at home, and then journey to Washington to finish in opposition to the Redskins. The Falcons are another group in disarray. Jim Mora is education to store his task after negative feedback with the aid of both him and his father. I’m no longer certain if the players will also play nicely enough for him to keep it.

Bodog’s modern-day odds on triumphing the Super Bowl encompass a few teams between 5:1 and 10:1. These groups manifestly aren’t the favorites, but they is probably a place to locate a few cost. Which guess do you like fine out of: Dallas (8-1), Indianapolis (eleven-2), New England (10-1) and New Orleans (5-1), and why?

BDB, BoDog.Ws: New England at 10-1 appears excellent. The crew is 10-four, with an outside threat of getting a bye. Tom Brady and teach Belichick are each winners. I assume the loss in opposition to the Dolphins actually reignited the fire inside them.

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