Not What She Seems by Victorine Lieske – A Romantic Suspense Book Review

Not What She Seems is a candy romantic suspense, suitable for ages 12 and up. Back blurb: Steven Ashton, a billionaire from New York, and Emily Grant, at the run from the regulation…And after they meet he can’t help falling for her. What he does not recognise is that interfering in her existence will placed his own lifestyles in chance.

Contemporary romantic suspense is my favourite form of e-book, however I most effective find it irresistible whilst the plot is complicated and unpredictable, and the constructing tension is balanced out by lighter scenes and/or funny moments. Victorine Lieske’s Not What She Seems scores excessive in each of those classes for me.

Now, for about the primary quarter of the e-book, I felt disenchanted. There were just a few main characters, and I thought I had the entire plot discovered already. But I was incorrect. About then, the tale underwent the proverbial “plot thickening”, like an expertly-made vacation gravy. Many greater locations, characters, and plot twists began to unfold, and the seemingly simple storyline turned into a roller coaster trip with out a smooth exit (I read the whole lot from bankruptcy 2 on, in a single 24 hour span). A plethora of ability suspects supplied themselves, all with believable motives and reasonable possibility, such that I turned into reminded of a active spherical of “Clue”, where absolutely everyone from Miss Scarlett to Colonel Mustard become searching excellent for the deed.

With all the ones characters and places, however, I could have preferred more development of personalities, interrelationships, and placing information. But I may be on my own in this; loads readers decide upon the quick-paced, plot-focused novel and discover the alternative factors simply a slow down.

As that is an indie published paintings, I become now not unprepared for formatting and technical troubles, but as an alternative, Not What She Seems changed into as cleanly produced as any historically published ebook I’ve seen. I simplest noticed two or three spelling/grammatical mistakes general. There had been a couple minor plot elements that struck me as abnormal, and I did discover the motion on the climax scene at Vincent’s residence a bit difficult, however those were minor flaws in an otherwise without problems followed story.

Finally, as stated earlier, I liked Ms. Lieske’s moments of humor which helped to soften the otherwise breakneck pace. She made me chortle out loud more than once, memorably at the “Spiderman sheets” remark. If you’re a reader who enjoys considerable movement, a complex plot, and prefer to head easy at the lifestyles histories and climate reviews, your cash will not be wasted on Victorine Lieske’s Not What She Seems.

Not What She Seems is to be had for buy in paper and for the Kindle or Kindle-for-PC (e-book layout) from Amazon suspended my account and Amazon UK.

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