Mine Words For Visual Power

At the training consultation my presentation instruct requested me to offer my elevator speech for my engineering and architectural firm. I become satisfied to oblige and described “…A complete-service worldwide engineering and architectural company with 305 expert and support personnel…”

“Is that a big variety or small range?” requested my coach.

“What do you suggest?” I notion the question changed into a piece extraordinary, in spite of everything 305 is 305. “Many companies,” I stated, “are an awful lot large but fewer than five% of engineering and architectural companies have extra than one hundred employees…”

“That’s now not exactly what I mean,” said the instruct. “There is information in that wide variety which you are leaving out. So I ask you, is it 305 expert and help workforce (he stated this softly even as yawning) or is it: THREE-HUNDRED AND FIVE PROFESSIONAL AND futureon STAFF (he stated this enthusiastically and emphatically).”

Immediately, I understood his question. I changed into being particular, but precision alone did now not offer context. I want my company to be recognized for having THREE-HUNDRED FIVE PROFESSIONAL AND SUPPORT STAFF.

“Remember,” stated my instruct, “talking is visual.”

Yikes, I have been appearing as if it were the written phrase however spoken.

He become right. Speaking is visible and the visible energy of speakme exists even in the everyday normal phrases we use. You should mine your phrases for their visual ability. Today, if I use the phrase tall in a speech I will raise one arm to illustrate how tall. If I use the phrase heavy, I will act as if I am lifting a heavy weight.

You get the concept. Read your speeches with this thought in mind: ‘How will I visually illustrate this word as I communicate.’ Don’t move overboard, the concept is to use the visible to beautify which means, no longer distract the audience. But some well-placed phrases acted out at the lectern will upload that means to all you assert.

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