Mechanic’s Liens – Friday’s Free Form – Notice of Intent to Lien – General Contractor

How regularly have you ever been in this example: You are owed money on a creation undertaking and are taking into consideration filing a mechanic’s lien. But you already know that when submitting it there will begin a extreme dispute system, and possibly regarding the hiring of attorneys on each facet. You would love to send a word to the opposite aspect telling them that if it isn’t paid, extra severe steps might be taken. Well, there may be a shape for use in this example. In my experience, this is a completely popular shape–so much so we would like to make it to be had to the development enterprise.

This shape under warns the proprietor that you will be submitting a mechanic’s lien if charge is not made inside ten days. Hopefully, it’ll create a extreme communicate for settlement. Come up together with your bottom line amount to settle and be organized to offer it to the owner if she or he is negotiating in top religion. Remember that the remaining component an proprietor wants is a lien on their assets: it jeopardizes title, interferes with their relationship with the construction lender, and prevents refinancing or sale. This Notice is worded in a non-threatening way so one can capitalize on this situation, with the proprietor understanding which you are required by using regulation to report a lien within a fixed time frame or lose your lien rights.

WHO CAN USE THIS FORM? All persons, whether or not popular contractor, subcontractor, or provider.

HOW TO SERVE: There isn’t any need to document this with the court docket or file with the recorder’s office. It is genuinely served by mailing.

WHO TO SERVE: If you are a standard contractor, serve the owner and production lender. If you are a subcontractor or provider, serve the owner, popular, and creation lender.

HOW TO SERVE: Although not required, it’s far encouraged for its effectiveness to be served with the aid of certified mail.

WHEN: Serve ten days before you report or report the mechanic’s lien. Remember, it does now not enlarge the time to record a mechanic’s lien.


COPIES: The unique signed copies are served. Keep an additional replica on your records.

CERTIFICATE OF MAILING. Use a widespread Proof of Service shape. Sign this Proof (it’s far like a certificates of mailing) and staple it to the shape so you have evidence it become mailed to the diverse people or entities.

MARGINS AND FONT. This is a Word record so use the following margins so it prints out nicely: Top: 18 pt; Bottom: 22 pt; Left: fifty eight pt; Right: 58 pt. Type size is 12.

HOW TO USE? Cut and paste the form into a brand new Word file.


Use this observe most effective within the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, and West Virginia.

As to California, you may use it till further notice. California is within the manner of amending its mechanical contractors lien statutes a good way to require a particular notice. Check our net website for that new form.

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