Key Organizations in Free & Open-Source Software – Google Inc

Google Inc. Is an American software program agency nice recognised for its search and net advertising and marketing services. Through its own product traits, in addition to acquisitions, Google also now gives online mapping, news, numerous sorts of enterprise application software program, email (Gmail), video sharing (through the YouTube web website which it owns), and blogging (thru the Blogger net website online). Additionally, the corporation has started to experiment with offline marketing in radio and print media, and in 2006, purchased the radio advertising enterprise, Dmarc. The company changed into initially based in 1998 and is centered in Mountain View, California.

Google went public in August nineteenth 2004, and is nowadays listed on each the NASDAQ and London Stock Exchange (LSE) under the tickers GOOG and GGEA respectively. Google employs over 13,000 (as June 2007), and had internet revenues of over US $10.6 billion, and net earnings of over US $three billion in 2006. The sizeable majority of the organization’s sales comes from marketing programs: for example, in 2006, the corporation said sales of US $10,492 million from advertising and marketing, but simply US $112 million from licensing and other sources, which equates to nearly a 99:1 ratio.

Although Google keeps many proprietary technology (maximum famously its seek engine and AdWords/AdSense marketing machine, however many others too), the employer is heavy user of open supply software. For instance, Google runs its Internet programs on a server-farm containing computers jogging a stripped-down version of Linux. Since 2005, the agency has contributed again to the open supply network by way of running an annual program, called the “Google Summer of Code”, through which college students who whole accredited open supply projects throughout the Summer, are rewarded with investment.

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