An Interview With Techno-romantic Thriller Author Denise Robbins on Merging Technology and Fiction

Denise Robbins, a software program engineering supervisor by day, integrates her information of computer systems and era into all her techno-romantic mystery novels. Her published works encompass It Happens in Threes and Killer Bunny Hill with Connect the Dots and Never Tempt Danger scheduled for release in 2010.

I noticed down with Denise and asked approximately the precise combination of technology and fiction.

Your laptop heritage has glaringly been a big thing within the plots of your books. How did you end up inquisitive about technology?
It all began once I became a kid. In elementary college we went on a field experience to an electronics keep. In there, we saw all forms of cool gadgets like small calculators, electronic video games, after which… A laptop. Holy cow! I may want to play chess at the laptop.

About that identical time, my dad brought domestic a modem. I’m not speaking the modems you pick up today that fit inside the palm of your hand, we’re talking a behemoth of a machine that gave the impression of a typewriter with a phone coupler connected to it.

Some readers won’t apprehend the significance of computer SERP API┬áin combating crime. Explain how crucial an expertise of recent technologies may be in staying in advance of the awful guy.
Computers are used a wonderful deal greater than human beings suppose with regard to combating crime. One simple example is the FBI’s internet site that gives the general public facts on some of the criminals they may be searching for. This internet site no longer only informs the public, however now there are large numbers of people looking for the ‘terrible guys.’

Local police departments have computers in each patrol automobile, which may be used in exclusive scenarios. Remember the last time you were pulled over? The police officer can placed your license plate into the pc and test if the auto become stolen, your riding document, or even your automobile registration. A police officer creating a ordinary forestall might not appear to be any huge deal or use for laptop era, but what you can not understand is that the equal pc that told the officer the auto become stolen, can also provide arrest and warrant data. Information attained via the pc via the officer makes him/her extra able to making the right decision of the way to approach the state of affairs.

Computers additionally provide regulation enforcement the resources and technology needed to keep up with contemporary day criminals within the cyber international. Some criminals thieve humans’s identities or buy items with a person else’s credit score cards over the Internet. Internet felons devote all styles of crimes inclusive of downloading child pornography, even looking to persuade minors to fulfill them somewhere, which can bring about abduction. Without computers, it would be almost not possible to trap felons of this nature. Through computer systems regulation enforcement groups can watch these moves and make the internet safer.

Because of computer systems and immediately get right of entry to to huge amounts of records, law enforcement retailers have the strength to show a possible dangerous state of affairs into a far safer one quicker as opposed to later.

Explain a little approximately nanotechnology and its cutting-edge uses.
Nanotechnology is a technology primarily based at the manipulation of person atoms and molecules to build structures to complicated, atomic specs. The nanoscale is set one thousand times smaller than micro that is, approximately 1/80,000 of the diameter of a human hair.

Items already available inside the market encompass: burn and wound dressings, water filtration, dental-bonding agent, coatings for less difficult cleaning glass, bumpers and catalytic converters on cars, protective and glare-reducing coatings for eyeglasses and motors, sunscreens and cosmetics, stain-free clothing and mattresses, ink, longer-lasting tennis balls, and light-weight and more potent tennis rackets.

A ski jacket produced with the aid of Franz Ziener GmbH&Co is primarily based on nanotechnology. The windproof and water-proof residences aren’t obtained via a floor coating of the jacket however by the usage of nanofibres.

The company InMat makes long-lasting tennis-balls with the aid of coating the inner core with clay polymer nanocomposites. These tennis-balls have twice the life of traditional balls.

What do you spot going on with nanotechnology in the future?
Today, we have just scratched the floor on what nanotechnology will do for us. There are many nanotechnology applications in research and improvement. In the field of medicine, there will be Qdots that discover the place of most cancers cells within the body and Nanoparticles that deliver chemotherapy tablets immediately to cancer cells to reduce harm to healthy cells. Can you consider not having to show the complete body to chemotherapy however simplest the component that calls for the treatment?

Nanotechnology is huge within the science and technology location as nicely, especially, manmade diamonds. In current years, there has been research into generating artifical diamonds, no, no longer cubic zirconia, but “actual” diamonds grown in a lab and no longer in nature. Manmade diamonds is a massive step forward with a purpose to handiest get larger. The diamond has the most important thermal conductivity of any fabric. With each improvement in computer chip era, the machines get faster and hotter. At some factor the chips and pc insides will melt. Diamonds are the solution for faster computer systems without the warmth thing. For the equal thermal conductivity cause, manmade diamonds ought to assist make lasers of intense power. The material ought to allow a mobile smartphone to fit into an eye fixed and iPods to store 10,000 films, not simply 10,000 songs.

I may want to go on, however you get the idea. Nanotechnology is the subsequent awesome wave and I’m hoping it hits quickly.

What are a number of the demanding situations in mixing cutting-edge generation with fiction?
The challenge in creating techno-fiction is knowing the way to keep the story shifting on the identical time giving enough of a visual photograph of the technology so the reader is familiar with without dumping dull statistics on pinnacle in their head.

It looks like the field of technology is greater of a man’s global. How did you come to be in the discipline and why do you suspect there aren’t extra girls worried?

I think on account that my dad become in generation, no longer similar to I am worried today, I turned into destined for computers.

Taking a activity with a central authority contractor for the Department of Defense hooked me on technology. I became a part of a crew that built software to be used in navy clinical centers. It become when I taught computer packages and programming to adults that I discovered my love for all that ‘geeky’ pc stuff. There is not anything like watching the spark in anyone’s eyes as the mild bulb is going on interior their head after they have found out to write down code and see the end result.

Why there are not extra girls in technological know-how and technology is a question that has been requested pretty loads in recent years. One easy solution is how parents and teachers present information technology professions and different occupations to their daughters and college students. It is about encouraging and presenting position models.
Another reason behind the dearth of girls in records generation careers is false impression and desire. Why do I say that as if they’re com-mingled? Many people consider working in IT is solitary. They consider a person sitting in front of a laptop eight hours or more a day with no person to talk with. Ask any of the engineers that paintings for and with me and they’ll let you realize that is not the case.

In standard, women opt to work with humans while men favor to work with matters. With the solitary misconception out there, many women are deciding on other careers.

Do you’ve got loads of male readers due to your interesting plots? How do you draw them in?
To be sincere, I am now not certain that I actually have too many male readers yet, but I even have a few and I want extra. I suppose once the guys recognize that my novels are based totally on interesting and real era, have suspense and mystery woven in with motion and adventure that they will need to read them. All it takes is a few exact guys… To spread the phrase.

While my novels are fiction, when my hero or heroine is capturing a weapon, all readers need to know that I even have finished the research and had the revel in numerous times. My first time shooting whatever, but a shotgun at skeet (of which I am a superb shot), was once I wrote It Happens in Threes. I needed to recognise what it felt like. I contacted a pal who taught me all of the various proper and wrongs and who loved seeing me battle filling a clip and always forgetting to take the safety off.

Right now, my attempt at “drawing them in” is to offer a man I see a duplicate of the e-book, ask him to study it, and permit me know what he thinks. So some distance, the response has been tremendous. The other little tidbit that allows draw the guys in as that I produce other men review and edit my novels for the male attitude. It continually helps me while Steve or David say, “No man could say that.” Then they wrinkle their noses and reduce away at my work. I am very thankful. I additionally have pals who are former army and that they accurate some of my thoughts as well.

How do you manage the satisfactory line between giving an excessive amount of technological records and making the story float?
This is an notable query. Computer stuff may be very dry and dull, take it from me. What I do is take era and introduce the readers to it in small portions, like breadcrumbs of records, so that era is a part of the thriller or part of the solution inside the puzzle. I take the generation and ruin it down so my characters show you simply enough to make you recognize, and on the same time get curious. Wait until you find out about nanotechnology in Killer Bunny Hill. I’ll come up with a touch – Diamonds aren’t just a girl’s great buddy.

Where do you come up with your tale ideas?
My story thoughts come from various places and maximum the time it’s miles only a matter of sitting down with pen and paper and asking myself approximately the unique characters I actually have just identified in my thoughts. Sometimes, as within the case of my 2d novel Killer Bunny Hill, the seed for novel will just hit me whilst flying across the united states on a plane. In the case of my fourth novel Never Tempt Danger, the concept came from a dream. Those are just the beginnings, now I ought to construct a story line and that takes a touch more effort.

Sometimes I take from my personal studies with generation, however that is still restricted in scope. So what do I do? Well, right here is my answer.

I did a few studies once for paintings once I by chance ran throughout an article on ‘artifical diamonds’ and the use of them as pc chips. As I continued to examine the story, I found out about an employer referred to as DARPA, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. This company is the critical studies and improvement office for the Department of Defense. They fund all forms of generation research so that you can keep our navy technologically superior and in flip hold us secure and army personnel secure. Cool stuff!

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